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Selected PBX Systems for an Improved Business Phone System

We provide hosted PBX and on-premise PBX systems for office and call centre set ups. Enhance your PBX system with Unified Communication tools that improves collaboration and supports a mobile workforce. Our voice and data solutions will cover your business needs for the highest quality calls backed by the highest level of professional support.

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Cloud PBX

Cloud based PBX phone systems host all software and data in the cloud, offering you a more flexible and affordable solution to scale your business. Our cloud PBX services simplify the process of designing, monitoring and maintaining your office phone system.

Hybrid PBX

Hybrid PBX systems make use of cloud PBX as the primary business phone system, backed up with on-premise PBX as a secondary business phone system. Safeguard your business against downtime and network failures with our hybrid PBX systems.

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Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Unified communications allow different communication devices to interact on a single interface. Get set up with mobile and desktop applications for e-mail, telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging and data sharing. Use unified communications tools to improve productivity, efficiency and mobility in your business.

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Client Testimonials

TRA was looking for a telephony solution due to Covid and because we were working from home for almost a year. In this time we had to make and receive calls on our individual cell phones and incoming calls to our switchboard could not be transferred. I contacted Stephan Hitgë (Sales Director at Yaxxa) and asked him to provide some options on possible solutions. We met face to face at our office and Stephan was well prepared with a very good solution and even brought along an example of the hardware to show the operation thereof. We were very impressed with the solution suggested, not only because it would assist us with working from home and from the office in the future, but also because of the cost-saving on our existing contract with a different supplier. What is also positive is the flexibility of the solution i.e. adding/canceling extensions during the contract period or adding mobile apps as and when it is required without going into a new contract. The setup and rollout of the telephone system was done smoothly and although there were initial “growing pains” with connection difficulties with some of the users, these were sorted out very quickly and sufficiently. Yaxxa provided on-premises training for our receptionist and virtual training to the rest of the staff which we appreciated. Stephan and his team’s service is on point and very professional at all times. They really go out of their way to assist and make sure we are satisfied.

Morné Smit

Director at TRA