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Omni-Channel Contact Centre Solutions That Streamlines The Customer Experience

All the hardware and software you need to run an omni-channel contact centre. YAXXA provides call centre solutions for all types of setups, from smaller call centres to larger and more complex call centre setups. Give customers the convenience of getting assistance via their preferred channel of communication. We are currently integrated with WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, Email (with attachments), Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, ZoHo, and soon to come Microsoft Dynamics.

Omni-Channel Contact Centre Features

Integrated and Compatible



Full Control


Multi-Channel vs Omni-Channel

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Multi-Channel vs Omni-Channel

Keep your customers satisfied by offering assistance through various channels of communication. Our omni-channel contact centre solutions will help streamline the customer experience across all channels, ensuring that context is preserved and that agents are able to follow the conversation across all channels.

Integrated & Compatible

With increasing omni-channel functionality, call centres are shifting towards becoming broader contact centres. Our contact centre solutions use API software to integrate seamlessly with CRM systems and social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Collect and store information provided by your clients from any platform for a consistent customer journey and better customer service.

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Operate your call centre based on full disclosure both internally and externally. Our call centre solutions give you full transparency regarding costs and agent activity. Share all relevant information in your call centre with a real-time agent dashboard that reports all agent activity. Monitor progress with customised reports as a value-added feature.


Our call centre software uses CRM data to route calls so that the caller reaches the agent they spoke to most recently. Give your clients a personalised experience and smooth customer journey by avoiding the frustration of having to explain the same story to different agents.

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Full Control

Keep tabs on your agents and their calls with full control to listen in and monitor live calls. This tool is perfect for supervisors, quality assurance, and team leaders to train agents or assist with complicated queries.


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Auto Dialler

For an outbound call centre solution that automatically dials clients to deliver an automated message or connects a customer to a live agent once the call has been answered.

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Predictive Dialler

For a predictive dialling system that predicts the duration for each agents’ calls and dials a new number in advance of the agent being free. 

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Progressive Dialler

For an automated dialling technique that presents contact information to the call centre agent prior to calling the next number.

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Manual Dialler

For a basic dialling system where the agents dial the contact numbers from a list of customers manually one after another.

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Promotional Dialler

For a dialling system where agents promote offerings to existing and prospective customers to increase business sales.

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Preview Dialler

For a dialling system that lets agents see the next call in their leads list. It is then up to the agent to make the call, usually by pressing a button on the phone.

Omni Channel Contact Centre Cable Entering Port


We provide all of the equipment you need to set up a business call centre. Get the latest USB headsets, microphones, and IP desk phones for high-quality VoIP calls.

Omni Channel Contact Centre Software Coding


We also assist with all software requirements for your call centre to go live. Everything from CRM systems, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software, VoIP, data handlers, predictive dialers, and call recording software can be provided.


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Client Testimonials

TRA was looking for a telephony solution due to Covid and because we were working from home for almost a year. In this time we had to make and receive calls on our individual cell phones and incoming calls to our switchboard could not be transferred. I contacted Stephan Hitgë (Sales Director at Yaxxa) and asked him to provide some options on possible solutions. We met face to face at our office and Stephan was well prepared with a very good solution and even brought along an example of the hardware to show the operation thereof. We were very impressed with the solution suggested, not only because it would assist us with working from home and from the office in the future, but also because of the cost-saving on our existing contract with a different supplier. What is also positive is the flexibility of the solution i.e. adding/canceling extensions during the contract period or adding mobile apps as and when it is required without going into a new contract. The setup and rollout of the telephone system was done smoothly and although there were initial “growing pains” with connection difficulties with some of the users, these were sorted out very quickly and sufficiently. Yaxxa provided on-premises training for our receptionist and virtual training to the rest of the staff which we appreciated. Stephan and his team’s service is on point and very professional at all times. They really go out of their way to assist and make sure we are satisfied.

Morné Smit

Director at TRA