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What is Microwave Internet Connectivity?

Microwave Internet connectivity is a wireless internet solution that functions as a worthy alternative to fibre connectivity. It uses radio waves (rather than fixed lines) to transmit data in a wireless connection. Microwave links offer broadband internet connectivity, which means it can transfer large amounts of data at high speeds to support your business needs.

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How Microwave Internet Benefits Your Business?

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Remote Access:

Microwave connectivity provides a stable, reliable,
high-speed internet solution for businesses in
remote regions where fixed line connectivity is not

Back-Up Option:

Microwave connectivity can serve as a reliable
back-up internet option should your primary
internet lines fail and will ensure your business
stays online.

Low Latency:

Microwave connectivity offers a low latency
connection that is comparable to a fibre
connection. A low latency internet connection is
essential for businesses to use VoIP, video
conferencing, web browsing, and to transfer high
volumes of data with rapid response times.

Fast Installation:

Microwave connectivity is generally faster and
simpler to install than fibre connections, making
the installation process swift and easy.

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