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What Is APN

An APN (Access Point Name) is a gateway between a mobile network and a broader IP network, usually the public internet. Whenever a mobile device connects to the internet, a carrier reads the APN information in order to establish a network connection. The APN information determines the IP address assigned to a device, the network access for the device, and the security measures that are used.

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Corporate APN

Corporate APNs give you a more private and secure link between authorised mobile devices and your company’s internal private network. Rather than using public cellular networks that connect to the public internet, corporate APNs use private cellular networks to ensure total security for data transfers.

This means that employees can safely access business
applications, documents and information remotely from anywhere at any time. Corporate APNs provide total security and privacy of business data as traffic travels entirely on private networks.

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Wholesale APN

Wholesale APN is the provision and selling of preconfigured mobile devices, SIM cards, internet access and internet services for remote access to your company’s internal Local Area Network (LAN).

Wholesale APN offers clients a range of benefits, such as:

Network Access Control

Only authorised SIM cards can connect to a corporate network to access business resources and applications.

Data Management

Monitor and control your APN devices individually to track data usage among you employees.

Different Pricing Options

Wholesale APN can be sold and billed on an individual basis where each individual APN user is billed separately, or on a bundled basis where multiple APN users are pooled together and billed collectively.

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