Facial Recognition Access Control

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Facial Recognition as a Biometric Security Measure

The use of facial recognition terminals in access control and time & attendance applications creates advantageous contactless security measures. With deep learning algorithms, technology, and practical functions the terminals afford you better security and improved efficiencies. Facial recognition terminals afford an accuracy rate of over 99% and read rate of less than 0.2 seconds, making it an accurate and convenient way to control access into your business premises and business rooms.

Facial Recognition Access Control

Why Use Facial Recognition Systems?

Facial Recognition Access Control

Installing facial recognition access control systems in your business provides:

Increased Security

It is suitable for door and gate access control to prevent unauthorized access on your premises.

Smart Thermometer Functionality

Our facial recognition cameras use infrared technology for simultaneous body temperature reading and ID verification.

Easy Connectivity

With WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G connectivity, facial recognition systems can be integrated into your business with ease.


Unlike fingerprint biometric systems, facial recognition is a no-contact verification solution. It is an instantaneous and accurate authentication system.

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